Saturday, January 30, 2016

The thing about a Woman's true love...

When she truly loves you - you have her everything. You have direct access to her vitality. In folklore, women are symbolized as vitality, growth, fairness, safety, joy, security, freedom, strength, justice, beauty, honor, depth, home, emotion, and support. Our very planet is identified female - MOTHER EARTH - and no living thing could exist without her. If she loves you, you have her everything. You have access to all of her. All of her investable energy to encourage the development and growth of you, for your sake, for your happiness. The true love of a woman believes that LOVE conquers all, believes all, hopes all, and endures all. True love is not flippant, or common. True love is about sacrificial giving of one's self to another for the pure and unadulterated benefit of the other (not the self). The stories about the Velveteen Rabbit, or the Giving Tree are stories that tap into describing this kind of love. A strong woman knows that her investment, no matter how risky, is worth the life and joy that it will bring to those she loves. How deep her love is depends on many things, but if it is true love, it is likely deep. Think of tree roots. Without the root-system the tree would not survive. The roots entire existence is to bring life to the tree, to dig deep, grow wide, and seek out nourishment for the benefit of the tree above. And all the tree has to do is grow tall, reach toward the sky, and bask in the sunshine - which is enough for the root to keep going, to keep vitally investing in the life of the tree. This is of course not a perfect analogy because the woman herself is a tree and her roots represent her relationships. When a relationship ends if the love was true, it is absolutely devastating. If her roots are connected to you and the root is removed it is irrelevant how invested, how deeply she believed in you - losing you will always feel like a betrayal of her soul. Not that anything conventionally known as betrayal needs to occur! If the love is true, and she has invested so much of herself, it's a betrayal of her time, of her investment, of her care, of her joy, of her patients, of her vitality. It hurts so much to lose a true love. It may be a bit dramatic to compare it again to a tree, but if the wrong branches are removed, the tree could die - and when a true love is lost, it feels like she just might. But strong women know, true love is worth the risk, it's worth the pain. A strong woman knows that when a love is lost she will hurt and carry that hurt for a long time - not to torture herself, but because she truly loves you. Because when she loves you, you have her everything. Obviously this is my own perspective; also good to note is that sometimes women are so devastated that way they allow themselves to love is forever changed. This may not be how you see her love expressed, but I assure you, it's how we all LONG to love.

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